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Dec 01, 2020


1:00 PM CT


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Health Plans
Hospitals and Other Providers
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Experienced Professional

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Clinical Operations
Patient Access
Patient Accounts
Patient Financial Services
Physician Practice
Revenue Cycle

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Group Internet Based

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Live Webinar | Basic | Revenue Cycle

Offering long-term payment plans to meet patient financial needs

Hosted by HFMA

Sponsored by CommerceHealthcare
Live Webinar | Basic | Revenue Cycle

Offering long-term payment plans to meet patient financial needs



The pandemic has exacerbated the financial burden on both patients and providers. Thus, it has become increasingly important for healthcare providers meet patients at their point of need, both clinically and financially. This webinar explores why offering patients convenient, accessible long-term payment plans is essential to your organization's success.

You will learn how healthcare providers are leveraging payment plans to accommodate their patient's financial needs at multiple points during the continuum of care. These strategies will help you identify opportunities to strengthen your own patient collection process, overcoming significant barriers in collection, cash flow and patient satisfaction.

Sponsored By: CommerceHealthcare
After this program, you'll be able to..
  • Design a strategy for leveraging a patient financing program to boost cash flow, prevent revenue leakage, reduce patient bad debt and improve satisfaction.
  • Discuss how a patient financing program can support pre-service estimates, reducing patient concerns around the cost of care while providing up-front funding for providers.
  • Apply lessons learned from leading healthcare organizations who are successfully utilizing patient financing programs.
Tools and Takeaways:
White Paper: Meeting Patients at Their Point of Need