Column | Staff Development

HFMA’s online Community continues to grow and evolve

Column | Staff Development

HFMA’s online Community continues to grow and evolve

Members’ prompt and generous responses to questions speak to the true sense of community among our member healthcare finance professionals.

We had just completed a massive upgrade to HFMA’s online Community platform right as COVID-19 was working its way into the U.S. We were gaining steady growth with members joining groups and posting discussions, but the pandemic served as an accelerator as members had lots to discuss and figure out.

Today, while many posts still center on COVID-19, members are also posting questions about price transparency, billing productivity benchmarks, calculation of contractual adjustments, cost reporting, various billing/coding issues and referrals for services.

I’m inspired daily by the varied topics of our member-driven discussions, and by the speed and generosity at which fellow members are replying with detailed knowledge. If you haven’t joined the Community, you’ve missed the following highlights in the last couple of months.

September’s Community Callout. We work hard in our professions, but with summer travel limitations, we all had the chance to handle some projects around the house. So, we launched a contest looking for the best home improvement projects and gave away some gift cards to our favorites. Head over to our Open Forum to see the latest Community Callout.

HFMA Digital Annual Conference materials. We posted all the session materials in the HFMA Annual Conference group’s library. It’s very gratifying to see how many members have joined this group and accessed these files since summer.

The new Price Transparency Forum. Given the importance of price transparency, we just launched a new Price Transparency Forum where participants can share insights, ideas and information. And for the record, this is the fastest-growing forum we’ve launched to date.

HFMA has always had a strong community of members who are the backbone of our organization, and our online Community is an extension of that. I hope you will take advantage of this member benefit to connect with peers and industry experts. Please join the Open Forum and introduce yourself. If you have a burning question or are facing new challenges within your organization, or have the know-how to help others, you have 24/7 access to the Community. 

Top Q3 discussions 

  • Payment and Reimbursement Forum: Recoupment of funds from Medicare accelerated and advanced payment programs
  • Revenue Cycle Forum: Preparing for CMS 2021 Evaluation and Management (E/M) office or other outpatient proposed rule
  • HFMA Certifications Forum: CRCR versus CHFP certifications


About the Author

Melanie Binder

is community manager, HFMA, Westchester, Ill.


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